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Related post: lieved from duty at Fort Niagara, New York, upon the ex-
piration of his present sick leave, and will report in person
to the commanding officer, Columbus Barracks, Ohio, Buy Cheap Zestril for
duty at that station.
To be Assistant Surgeons with the rank of Captain after five
years' service, June 6, 1895 :
Keeper, Frank R., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
Raymond, Thomas U., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
Snyder, Henry Zestril 5mg D., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
Smith, Allen M., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
Heyl, Ashton B., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
Clarke, Joseph T., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
Marine-Hospital Service. Zestril 50 Mg — Official Littofthe Changes of
Stations and Duties oj Medical Officers of the United States
Marine- Hospital Service for the Fifteen Days ending June Ifi,
1895 :
Pdrvianoe, George, Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Phila-
delphia, Pa. (temporarily), Zestril 5 Mg and detailed for duty on board
relating to Ford's Theatre disaster. June 8, 1895.
Wheeler, W. A., Surgeon. Detailed as chairman of the board
for physical Zestril 20 Mg examination of candidate for the Revenue-Cut-
ter Service. June 1, 1895.
Brooks, S. D., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of
absence for twenty-one days. June 14, 1895.
White, J. IL, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detailed as recorder
of the board for physical examination of^candidate for the
Revenue-Cutter Service. June 1, 1895.
PfiTTns, W. Zestril 10 J., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of ab-
sence for thirty days. June 6, 1895.
Cofer, L. E., Assistant Surgeon. To inspect unserviceable
property at San Diego Quarantine Station. June 12, 1895.
Cummins, IL S., Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from temporary
duty at Boston, Mass., and ordered to rejoin his station at
New York, N. Buy Zestril Y. June 3, 1895.
Society Meetings for the Zestril 40 Mg Coming "Week :
Monday, June 24th : Medical Society of the County of New
York; Boston Society for Medical Improvement; Cam-
bridge, Mass., Society for Medical Improvement; Baltimore
Medical Association.
Tuesday, Order Zestril June 25th: Medical Society of Now Jersey (first day
— Cape May) ; Medical Societies of the Counties of Essex
(annual — Elizabethtown) andJLowis (annual), N. Y. ; Buffalo
Obstetrical Zestril 10 Mg Society.
Wednesday, Lisinopril Zestril June 26th : Medical Society of New Jersey (sec- Zestril Online
ond day) ; American Microscopical Society of the City of
New York; New York Pathological Society; Metropolitan.
Medical jSociety, New York (private) ; Medical Society of
the County of Albany ; Philadelphia County Medical So-
Thursday, June 27th : New York Orthopaedic Society ; Patho-
logical Society of Philadelphia.
Friday, June 28th : New York Society of German Physi-
cians; Philadelphia Clinical Society; Philadelphia Laryngo-
logical Society ; Cleveland, O., Medical Society.
girtl;s, pcirriagts, antr §cat^s.
Chase — Hanford. — In New York, on Wednesday, June
12th, Dr. George Thorndike Chase and Miss Lauretta Adelaide
GiGNous — Fowler. — In New York, on Wednesday, June
12th, Mr. Robert Miles Gignoux and Miss Louise Munford Fow-
ler, daughter of Dr. Edward P. Fowler.
Lamb — Rouffeau. — In New Orleans, on Saturday, June
8th, Dr. J. Hope Lamb and Mrs. Elizabeth Rouffeau.
MoNODP. — Slacer. — In Buffalo, on Wednesday, June 12th,
Mr. Robert M. McCheyne Moncur and Miss Florence Louise
Slacer, daughter of Dr. W. H. Slacer.
Straten — Hubertus. — In Dansville, N. Y., on Tuesday,
June 11th, Dr. Hubert J. Straten, of Chicago, and Miss Lizzie
M. Zestril Mg Hubertus.
Warner — Young. — In Montreal, on Wednesday, June 12th,
Dr. L. F. Warner, of New York, and Miss Zestril Lisinopril Elise Purchase Zestril H. Young, Zestril Hctz of
Hebert. — In New Iberia, La., on Friday, June 7th, Dr.
Thomas Hebert, aged forty-two years.
Rutherford. — In Rochester, on Wednesday, June 12th,
Mrs. Ida M. Rutherford, wife of Dr. M. C. Rutherford.
Withers. — In Paterson, N. J., on Monday, June Buy Zestril Online 17th, Dr.
Henry D. Withers.
fftttrs to \\t ^tritor.
201 West Fifty-fourth, New York, Juiu: 17, 1895.
To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal :
Sib: Dr. Henry D. White's report in the Journal ot June
15th of A Case of Rickets with Exaggerated Mouth Symptoms
is of such interest and practical importance that I beg a Zestril 2.5 Mg few
lines of your valuable space to note that scurvy well accounts
for all the symptoms enumerated. Swollen and bleeding gums,
with disability and Zestril 25 Mg exquisite tenderness Order Zestril Online of the lower extremi-
ties, in an artificially fed infant, point to scurvy rather than
rickets as the cause, though the two diseases may coexist ; and if

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