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Levlen Mg
Levlen Mg

Related post: ing abolition of- function, which may be more or less
complete and lasting, then the absence of excitation may
also produce important troubles. The excitation pro-
duced by a certain number of physical agents is indis-
pensable to the maintenance of activity. If excessive
excitation by light, for example, may produce local
and even general symptoms, the absence of light may
also cause symptoms not less important.
Motor activity is accompanied by a certain amount
of heat; inactivity, on the contrary, takes away, from
the organism one of its principal means of defense
against cold. Repose favors the harmful effects of cold,
for in individuals who, under the influence of rest, suc-
cumb to cold a painful torpor which precedes the
lethargic drowsiness is observed. Rest in bed has been
observed to cause slackening of respiration and of cir-
culation. M. Guy has seen the pulse decrease from four
to five pulsations in a hundred men from twenty to
fifty years of age. Immobility retards the absorption of
tbe medicaments which are introduced under the skin.
L. Meyer advocated rest in bed for quieting the agi-
tation of the insane; and Roller, Neisser, and others
have called attention to the utility of this treatment.
The effects of inaction on psychical activity have been
known for a long time; in individuals accustomed to
work it may provoke mental troubles. Perfect has re-
marked that persons who have retired after acquiring a
fortune often fall into a state of melancholy. In a gen-
eral way, says M. Fe're, it may be said that the mind
suffers more from lack of work than from overwork.
Certain subjects who become reduced in some way to
what Claude Bernard calls a life of oscillation, that is
to say, particularly liable to external physico-chemical
conditions, are more predisposed to the depressing ef-
fects of immobility. Like the absence or the excess of
excitation, or exaggerated exercise, immobility may pro-
voke in them a functional depression which may lead to
The Late Dr. William M. McLaury.— The North-
western Medical and Surgical Society has passed the fol-
lowing resolutions:
Whereas, It has pleased Divine Providence to take
from us one of our oldest members, a former president
of this society, and
Whereas, We, the members of the Northwestern
Medical and Surgical Society, desire to place upon rec-
ord our appreciation of the character of our deceased
brother; be it
Resolved, That in the death of William Muir Mc-
Laury this society has lost a devoted, able, and faithful
colleague, whose earnestness of purpose and loftiness of
motive peculiarly fitted him for the profession which he
Resolved, That the loss which we thus mourn is not
limited to our society, or even to our city;
Resolved, That we most respectfully and sincerely ex-
tend our heartfelt sympathy to his family, wishing for
them that consolation which is the outcome of his noble
Resolved, That a draft of these resolutions be spread
upon the minutes of this society, that duplicates be sent
to the medical press, and that a copy be transmitted to
the family of our deceased friend.
[Signed.] Henry Ling Taylor, M. D.,
Joseph Collins, Secretary.
The Serum Treatment of Typhoid Fever.— The Pro-
r/rcs medical for October 17th contains a review of a re-
cent work on this subject by Dr. M. Funck. It is a com-
plete monograph on the typhoid bacillus and its toxine.
In this work the author gives an account of many deli-
cate personal experiments, from the results of which he
concludes that the serum of animals which are " im-
munized " by means of typhoid cultures possesses all
the properties that, according to Pfeiffer, are to be found
in anticholera serum; that is, it affords protection
against typhoid infection in small doses, but Levlen Mg not against
the Bacillus coli communis.
V V. Mm.. Joi I:..
Dr. Funck believes in the therapeutic action oi this
serum, bul be thin] - i h.-u es periments should be limited

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