Cost Of Dilantin Dilantin 100 Mg

Cost Of Dilantin
Cost Of Dilantin

Related post: sels of the body, moistened and filled, as they are, by alkaline
and albuminous fluid, its solvent power is, to a greater or less
extent, reduced, and precipitation takes place. It is hence
very manifest that no solution but a neutral or alkaline one,
or one with great excess of acid, can be expected to escape this
THE HYPODERMIC USE OF QUININE. 229 Adjusted Dilantin Level
result. He, tlierct'ore, as (►ther exi)eriineiiters in this line be-
fore him have done, trutlilully remarks tliat '^ Dilantin Price there is more
danger in nsinor too little acid than too much."
The addition of carbolic acid to Dr. Lente's formula, lie Generic Dilantin
regards as giving additional security against accidents, though
he suspects it to be the cause of a more or less extensive numb-
ness about the point of puncture, witnessed in his cases. We
regard Dilantin 100 Mg it as the application of another delusive but extensive
therapeutic fashion of the times. Few substances have ever
enjoyed a more specious repute and confidence Dilantin Therapeutic Level among the pro-
fession than carbolic acid.
Dr. Lente's solution, we Dilantin Generic believe, would be better without
it. We do not wish to be understood as denying therapeutic
value to carbolic acid. If appropriately applied it is valuable,
and we frequently prescribe it.
That the general practitioner may comprehend the confu-
sion which has resulted from the unscientific and inexact lan-
guage used by the experimenters in, and advocates of, hypoder-
mic medication with quinine, and perhaps, at the same time,
some of the more common causes of the disasters attending it,
we will devote a little space to the observation of Dr. Lente, that
some of Dilantin Therapeutic Levels these proposed solutions are " extraordinary mixtures."
We think it a fair inference that, by this expression, he means
us to understand that he cannot see why they should ever
have been advocated, as safe and proper, by intelligent and
rational men ; that he Dilantin 100 thinks it wonderful that any good results
were ever obtained from them. Six years ago, Dr. Dilantin 300 Bartholow,
in the "Transactions of the Medical Society of Connecticut,"
advocated the ethereal solution of quinia. Unsophisticated
believers adopted his formula. We will here simply quote
what one of them reports of his Dilantin Brand Name results. Of one case he says :
" Desiring Dilantin Tablets to rapidly quininize the patient, I injected under
the skin of the arms six grains of quinine in ethereal solu-
tion." Tumefaction and great soreness followed, and fatal
tetanus at the end of twelve days. This was the fourth
out of ten cases of the hypodermic use of the solution so much
praised by Dilantin Iv Dr. Bartholow, in which this follower had had rea-
son to regret resortincr to it.
Now, Dr. Lente avers that " quinine is so nearly insoluble
in ether tliat for all practical purposes it may be so consid-
ered." These look like perfectly contradictory declarations,
and we mean no disrespect to the average practitioner, when
we add that we believe he will so regard them. The facts
are, that Dr. Lente refers to the sulphate of quinia, and his
statement is true, while Bartholow Dilantin Generic Name means quinia.
As regards the reliability of Dr. Bartholow's formula or
statement as a practical guide, we prefer to avail ourselves
of the statements of practical pharmacists. Neergaard, of this
city, whose eminence in this department no one will question,
informs us that even were quinia soluble in ether, as the for-
mula above referred to leads us to believe, its cost in the mar-
ket is about double that of the sulphate, and, therefore, as a
matter of economy, would not succeed. But, in fact, the
quinia of commerce is but slightly soluble in ether. Hence
the elaborate formulae which have at various times and places
been published as guides to obtain an ethereal solution of
quinia for hypodermic use.^
One will soon be convinced, by consulting these sources
of information, that a reliable ethereal solution of quinia is
practically unknown, and that medical journal and prize-
essay reports of it are a delusion and a snare. And after the
strict observance of all these details of chemical manipulation,
and a solution Dilantin Capsule of questionable strength and excessive volatility
of constituents is obtained, what are the results ? Local inflam- Cost Of Dilantin
mation, gangrene, abscesses, tetanus,'' and the very possible ac-
cident of throwing the fluid into a vein, where the warmth
of the blood would almost certainly volatilize the ether and
produce fatal result from heart-paralj^sis. Buy Dilantin
An ethereal solution, such as we here refer to, must always,
as a chemico-vital fact, be attended by extreme danger of
troublesome local accidents, so called; Ether of the strength
required for such a solution will coagulate albuminous fluids
almost as promptly as nitric acid. Hence such a Dilantin 100mg mixture can-
' ^'■American Journal of Pharmacy^'''' vol. xliii., p. 303, July, 1871, by
Charles Rice, Phiirmacist, IJellovuo Hospital, New York. J. C. Wharton,
Pharmacist, Nanhville Dilantin Online Journal of Medicine and Surgery^ September, 1873.
^ New Orleans Journal of Medicine^ April, 1870 ; Buy Dilantin Online New York Medical
Record^ vol. v., p. 107, June, 1870.

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