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Related post: the bed-side of the patient those symptoms which are characteristic of and
peculiar to each disease, and at the same time you will see the application
of remedies and their effects upon the system. Do not imagine that the
«rt of observingdiseaseconsistsin a mere superficial examination of those ap*
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bitrodw^ory Lectwre of Thos Fainer, M. D. 0S8
pearances which are immediately oognizable by the senses : there u mueh
in the mode of exambing a patient^ vhioh can only be acquired by prac-
tice and experience. In short, there is a certain medical tact, which must
be cnltivatcd with assiduity, before it can be sufficiently developed. We
must accommodate ourselves to the ever varying peculiarities of character
and disease, so much so indeed, that a successful medical examination some-
times requires as much discriminafion and adroitness as would be displayed
by the most astute lawyer, in extorting the truth from a refractory witness.
Then, again, you have the important class of physical signs^ which
include the application of auscultation and percussion to the diagnosis of
disease. These, gentlemen, will require on your part assiduity and perse-
verance : the ear has to undergo an education, which is indispensable, in
order that you may realize the advantages of this invaluable discovery; thus,
if on one occasion you have failed to discover some sign pointed out to
you, do not despair on that account, another attempt will be more success-
ful, and reward you in proportion as its acquisition was difficult and pro-
As medicine was slow in its growth, so does its acquisition require time
and attention : had you the genius of Hippocrates and Galen, we could not
teach you medicine ere a certain time had rolled over your heads : in fact,
medicine is a science, founded upon experience and analogy, and you must
lay this foundation before you can successfully apply your talents to the
diagnosis and treatment of disease. And here lies the great advantage to
be derived from the wards of our great Hospital ; it is that you may see in
a given time a large variety of those very diseases you may soon be called
upon to treat. Do not let me, however, be misunderstood. 1 do not wish
you to crowd your minds, at one time, with a large number of badly ob-
served and ill-understood cases : it is much better to confine your attention
to a smaller number, whose symptoms you can accurately note, whose
treatment you can well store in your memory, than to waste your time, and
harrass your mind with an abortive attempt at grasping too much at one
Then, again, you must familiarize yourselves with the administration of
remedies ; — the art of prescribing in fact, which forms so powerful an in-
strument in the hands of the practitioner, requires close attention ere you can
master all its complicated details. But, gentlemen, if I have thus pointed
out to you the responsibility of our profession, I would not have you be
discouraged at the {at)0pect which lies before you. All these difficulties
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654 New Orleans Medical News and EhtpUal OaxeUe,
will disappear, like empty shadows, before the energy of a willing mind
and if the science of medicine were too easy in its aoquisidon, would it not
be unworthy of pursoit by an exalted intellect ? No, gentlemen, the pro-
fession you have embraced, is one of the most elevated which the genins of
man has ever grasped ; its application calls forth all those virtnes which
adorn the human heart, the reward of which lies in the esteem and love of
your fellow-men, is sufficient to inspire you with that diligence and indus-
try which must overcome all obstacles.
Messrs. Editors : Not long since rather a rare case came under my care'
and thinking it might not be without interest to you, I have concluded to
furnish you with its history.
Some time in February last, I was asked to visit a mulattress, named
Mary. On arriving at the Hospital, I was informed by the nurse that
'Prozac Generic a green
color and an intensely foetid odor. The womb was freely fomented and oc-
casionally a few leeches were applied to the oe, and it b^an gradually to
return into the pelvic cavity. The fever and pain again subsided, and in ten
days I considered her free from all evidence of serious disease. She re-
mained in the Hospital and walked about, but was extremely weak and
greatly reduced. What I deemed suitable diet was ordered, but no medi-

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